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In cooperation with our partner network, clients are using the Simulator (FNPT II MCC B737) for various courses and trainings. Amongst other motives, active and new Pilots have booked our training device for the following reasons:

Screening Preparation

SIM4u assists all Pilots at the preparation for a screening. Together with our partners we discuss with you the frequently asked questions in theory and practice. We fly with you selected sequences in our B737 fixed-based simulator. This will give you the assurance to have a positive attitude and self-confidence when attending the screening. Our cost effectiveness stands for itself.

Today the Boeing 737 is among several airlines the aircraft for the flying selection process, even for airlines which operate only fly-by-wire aircrafts like the Airbus 320 family.


Especially for airlines, we are the right partner for the screening of potential applicants and candidates. Due to the features and quality of the simulator and the attractive price, the B737 NG FNPT II fixed-base is more than just an addition to the full-flight simulator.

We would be pleased to coordinate the individual options with you. Together with our partners we are able to create and perform assessments and screenings according to your expectations and wishes.


Also in preparation for the annual check flight, the use of this fixed-base simulator is possible. To refresh your knowledge about systems and procedures we can help you with an experienced and motivated trainer. The refresher courses are directly tailored for you.

If your type rating has already expired, we can offer together with our partners individual renewal courses according to the regulations of the respective authority.

Jet Orientation Course (JOC)

Jet Orientation Training gives pilots the opportunity to prepare themselves professionally on our B737 simulator for a specific type rating training. This includes amongst other typical possibilities e.g. Autopilot training, Flight director, Advanced Instrumentation (EFIS) Aircraft handling and Emergency procedures (e.g. Engine failure).

Since there are no specific requirements by the authority it is possible for flight schools and Airlines to design those courses by themselves. The Jet Orientation Course (JOC) can also be optimally combined with the MCC.

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)

Before a type rating can be started, each pilot must be prepared on the specific procedures and processes in a multi pilot cockpit. The focus of the training is responsibility, communication, teamwork and decision-making in normal and non-normal situations.

Because of the MCC approval by the authority, the MCC training can also be completed on the fixed-base simulator and furthermore combined with a type rating course.

Type Rating (TR)

The fixed-base simulator can be used for various steps within the scope of the Type Rating. Trainings like Cockpit introduction, Cockpit Procedure Training, FMC-Training or LOFT-Session can therefore be trained and conducted in a real aircraft surrounding.

Especially remarkable is the economic aspect. The number of sessions that go beyond the requirements of the authority can be substituted by the use of fixed-base simulator, and thus lead to cost savings.

Instrument Flight Training (IFR)

The approval from the authority of the fixed-base Simulator as a Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer enables FTO/ATO´s to use the simulator within the framework of IFR-training. According to the legal terms of an ATPL Training a significant part of the practical IFR-Training can therefore be completed in the FNPT II MCC.

Also for the new MPL training our B737 FNPT II is an ideal training device. The use of FBS is usually done in the so-called basic and intermediate phase of the MPL training.


Customer feedbacks

sim4u - clients

I found the FNPT2 B737 provided through Sim4u to be a wonderful training aid, I can testify that it is light years ahead of the older cockpit procedural training method of pretending to push buttons on a paper mock up, now we are able to get a feel for the aircraft and a response to our actions, this helps make the transition to the full motion Simulator easier.
Mark Frame

sim4u - clients

Nothing to say about the cockpit, panels, instruments: it's outstanding. The same thing for the software: if there is any difference in comparison to the FFS, it cannot be felt by the trainee.
Francesco Frasconi

sim4u - clients

I found the B737 NG Fixed Base Simulator as an essential link between the ground course and the FFS. Indeed it is an exact FFS without motion … and after 2 minutes flying the FBS you totally forget there is no motion : you're inside your flight and you almost have the same sensations. I would recommend this device to anybody who wants to get his type rating with a high level of proficiency.
Daniel Enselme, France